Poor Everything!

I haven't even started my service yet and fios has made it very difficult for me to not even want to continue on with their services !!!!! They have very poor customer service agents as well as supervisors, who all say 10 different things in regards to one thing all at 10 different times which is ridiculous. And the supervisors only supervises the on call conversations they DO NOT HELP BETTER ASSIST YOU IN NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM. They only words are "sorry" and oh "I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO SAY" ! Like how in the heck does that work !!!!! The supervisor (John) said out his own mouth well we have a 4.2 rating/review and so on and so on......, and I had to remind him that that 4.2 rating or w/e fios internet brags to have would only reflect on the performances of your service and from what I read its (mainly the internet) but that doesn't at all mean that you rate that high in customer satisfaction because I KNOW FIRST handily Ya DONT !!!!!!!! Because not only was I on the recieving in of their poor customer service performances but I also like many have READ THE REVIEWS ! And to my knowledge they have more complaints and poor reviews then that do good. So I just had to come and speak out as a person who hasn't even started services yet, I have spoken to over 10 agents/representative and only one (name susan) Showed good customer service quality, helpful insightful, and actually about doing the work she gets paid for. The rest are terrible and now I'm hesitant of continuing the services, I'm highly considering stopping before I start. P.s They have entirely too many computer/system glitches and mistakes specially for a first time customer.  Smh it is such a TERRIBLE FIRST IMPRESSION. I wouldn't even allow my pet to have to endure what I have thus far. 


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With all those observations, why do you even want the service?

its not going to sway anyone on this forum. It’s a customer helping customers forum.

Many times it is best to go with your gut reaction. That of course is up to you.

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This issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent.