Poor Verizon Tech Support
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I have been a Verizon FIOS customer for over 7 years.  My service has been rock steady and good quality.

This Saturday I lost all FIOS services.  TV, Phone, Internet.  There was a storm in the area.  I did not lose power to my home.

I called Tech Support to find out of there was an outage in my area.  They said they had NO other outages.  The Tech then had me attempt to reboot my ONI.  My ONI is an old one.  It has the battery.  I followed the steps, but the ONI was still not on line.

The tech said to wait 24 hours to see if others reported outages in the area.  I did, but my service did not return so on Sunday I called back to request a technician come to repair my ONI.  As this is my land line phone and 911 service I wanted it fix as soon as possible.

The Tech said the first available slot for a technitian was Wednesday.  No timeframe.  Just all day.

So Verizon says they prepared for the Blizzard, but I have to ask really?

It appears to me that Verizon does not separate or priortize system outages.  They use the same field personnel to do both insallation and repair.  Really?  

Did they not bring in more support when they knew the storm was coming.  FYI,  My ONI was not under snow.  There was a little on top that I brushed off.  It has worked fine through other storms and rain. 

I think 4 days to get a technician to come and repair a total system outage is not "Superior" service.  

What do others think?  Have you had similiar experience when you need a repair technician?  I wonder if Verizon has cut back on their support staff or even outsourced it?

Re: Poor Verizon Tech Support
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Unfortunately most residential services do not get any type of guarantee.

And they can't make techs magicially appear.

I would guess that like other businesses Verizon is always looking to rightsize their workforce.

Its a tradeoff between cost and customer satisfaction.