Poor customer support then optimum

I haven't experienced bad support ever from any one then Verizon. bad bad bad experience.

Stayed online for almost 2 and a half hours, spoke with 6 different person and offcourse they weren't very helpful, constantly passing the bucket to the next person. I recently got the verizon service and they sent me the old model of their router which by the way I am still paying monthly in my bill and when I ask for the replacement they will replace with the old one again and not the new one. The new one came out after a week when I sing up the service... It's a rip off and a waste of the money they are charging you a lot and the service is not upto the requirement which it is suppose to be for the company like that big....

Oh the way the people I talk with, automated system, Alex, Joseph, rajni, Daniel and one more which I didn't get the name and he hung up on me.... Please, set your expectation before you signup for Verizon service....

I never seen such problem with optimum and I guess I should break my contract and go back to optimum.... Very frustrated with Verizon service ......... Sorry for those who have this service...

Re: Poor customer support then optimum
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When you say the "old one" what model are you talking about? What is the model number you are looking for?