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I just got done chatting with a customer service person and they told me they couldn't find the information I needed which uttelry shocked me.

Presently I have a multi-room DVR for 4 rooms and 3 STBs. I want to turn in two boxes and reduce the multiroom from 4 to 2. Can someone give me an idea of the price change?  My equipment tab on my account will not allow my to change the 4 room DVR option.

Kids are going off to college but will be here once in awhile, wondering if the hassle is worth it.

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Don't know that this question was ever answered, but I am currently in the same boat.  Been trying for weeks to find out the difference is cost for downsizing from a 3 room dvr to a 2 room.  No one can seem to answer me!!!  Rather ridiculous if you ask me.

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Admin is going to close this as it is over 2 years old.

But you can easily do this.

Log in to your account.

There is an option to change hardware.

it shows you what your current hardware is.

Can can seelct what you want. It will give you the new price.

If you don't like it, you can cancel.

Or you can look at your bill and see what you are paying and then just subtract what you are paying for the STB you want to return.

Not much in the way of discounts for multiple STBs.


I've done that.  It does not give me a price.  What is says is that my price will be recalculated as soon as they receive the equipment back.  That doesn't help, as my decision to return it or not depends on the difference in price.

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Prices sometime differs in different areas of the country.  It also was dramatically changed when Quantum Tv was introduced. 

I am trying to find the price on the current Verizon site.  The below is the pricing at the time that Quantum was announced.

dvr is $11
MRDVR is $12
VMS is $22
TWO VMS is $32

and each TV (all rooms counted including ones with dvr/VMS)
Equipment Package - 10 TVs $71.99
Equipment Package - 9 TVs $65.99
Equipment Package - 8 TVs $59.99
Equipment Package - 7 TVs $53.99
Equipment Package - 6 TVs $47.99
Equipment Package - 5 TVs $41.99
Equipment Package - 4 TVs $34.99
Equipment Package - 3 TVs $27.99
Equipment Package - 2 TVs $19.98
Equipment Package - 1 TV $11.99

So one dvr only is $11+11.99=$22.99
Three rooms with a MRDVR and two STB is $12+27.99=39.99
Three rooms with one VMS and two IP $22+27.99=$49.99