Pricing on upgrading packages but not renewing contract question..

Last year in an effort to save money I was convinced to change my cable package to Preffered. It really only saved me like $5-10 a month and I didn't realize I'd be missing so many channels that I enjoy. So I see now that you can upgrade packages without renewing your contract online. If I upgraded my package to Extreme it would be an additional $20 a month. I am in my last 13 months of my contract with a $104.99 bill price til the end of my contract. When I place the upgraded bundle into my cart it shows the price at $124.99 for the 1st month, $134.99 for months 2-12 and $149.99 for months 13-24. And I clearly have “Retain Current Agreement” checked but these are the prices it quotes me.

Here’s the question that a cs rep couldn’t/wouldn’t answer.

So when I upgrade, am I paying $124.99 next month and then my bill is jumping to $149.99 or am I paying $124.99 until my contract is up? The cs rep would just say "yes", "no changes to your account or terms of agreement" but that is not the same as “no changes to your bill” which worries me.

Has anyone had a similar experience and can they confirm how the price changes?

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