Promises not kept....

I am a NEW Verizon Fios customer.  I ordered the Internet and TV, not the phone last week through the website.  While on the site, I decided to get help through the chat.  The person, who was named "Alex", was helping me get through my order.  He told me there was a deal if we ordered Fios through the site. It was Free DVR for 24 months ($20.00 value per month) . I said it was a great deal.  I ultimately tried to add it before I went to checkout, but couldnt.  He said the system was down and to just call or go through the chat the following day to add the Free DVR to my account.  I call up Verizon today and they're telling me that the employee made the mistake and I should never have been offered that deal since I did not get the Triple play deal.  She offered me $10 off for 12 months to make me happy but this is NOT RIGHT.  I told her I am a new customer and she told me I have 30 days to cancel my contract.  What kind of "supervisor" says that to a NEW customer?  I asked to speak to her supervisor and she said she is the highest I can go. I am appalled at this level of customer service and Verizon should be ashamed.  I guess I am only one of a million, my account doesnt matter. Shame on them.

Re: Promises not kept....

It's the 30 days total customer satisfaction guarantee she was talking about.

if you are not happy now would be the time to go. Since if you go past that time there will be early termination fees to pay up to $350 so she was doing you a favor.