Promotion or no-motion

I am a Verizon FiOS customer for about 2 years now. I jumped on when the service became available in my neighborhood. I was more than pleased to dump my Cox phone, Cox Internet, Dish TV and AT&T long distance into a triple play bundle. It makes sence and works very well for me and my wife. I am also a techo geek with a life time background in the AV industry. I live for 1080p!

So why am I here? It's the little things that tweek me, and hopefully a big company like Verizon will take notice and makes improvements in the promotions department.

Let me take you back in time, to Thanksgiving week 2014. I get an email from FiOS about a great holiday promotion. Since I was coming up on my 2 year aniversary and my original deal was to expire, I could renew, and upgrade to the 100 hour 12 channel DVR, upgrade to the Ultimate HD channel package, upgrade to the Ulimate Entertainment package ( pay per view movie channels, which I typically don't do ) for about $30 more dollars a month. Good. But wait, there is more... PLUS...the BONUS of a free LG Tablet, and I quote "Available only for new or existing FiOS customers who install new FiOS TV and / or Internet service, upgrade to FiOS Quantum Internet service or faster Quantum internet speed by 12/1/2014". Coupon will be sent. They qualify the coupon with internet service, but the promo was target for TV upgrade and renewal. 

 I'm no laywer, but I did read "...existing FiOS customers who install new FiOS TV..."  I think I qualify. Kinda,... and this will be my first tablet. I know, AV guy doesn't own a tablet. I like my screens big, not small, and I also like mature technology. Not a MAC fan either, so this intrigues me. I want it.

I do everything required to a tee. Install the new gear, activate immediatley and turn the old gear in within 48 hours. 

A month goes by and it's Christmas time, my automated bill has been paid for my upgraded services. I want my gift! Sadly, no Coupon. I makes some calls and spend some time educating the Verizon reps on the promo...I finally get transfered to a more seasoned rep who tactfuly encourages me to be patient a bit more.  I wait a another week or two and I'm getting anxious, because the bonus coupon must be presented by 2/2/2015 at my local Verizon wireless store. I call again for another round. No coupon. Round 3 comes and goes. This time I get to talk to a nice young lady in promotions...'Some one will call me by the end of the week'. No call. No coupon. I guess I didn't qualify.

I break down, log onto my wireless account and purchase an LG tablet with a 2 year contract. It shows up, works like a champ.  

Now for the punch line. 

Today is the 23rd of Feb 2015. Guess what I got in the mail today?! Yup. The Coupon. Postmarked 17 Feb 2015. And as stated in the original invitation " Take this certificate to any participating Verizon Wireless store by 2/2/2015 to get your tablet" Seems like that was 2 weeks too late!

I really enjoy FiOS and the technical quality of service.  The promotions department though, needs some help. 

Re: Promotion or no-motion
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The coupon I received for said tablet(which I had no intentions of using because I didn't want to ink a 2 year wireless contract too) I believe  was actually dated to expire on December 31 2014 , I received it in January of 2015 . I guess they were just kidding, ha ha try to cash in this it was already expired when it was sent . I'm with you on the promotions department being a little out of touch with the rest of the company . Sadly it looks like they are dropping the ball on a lot of customers from the looks of these forums . I'm sure they will get it right I know they are sooo much better than the other big company.