Promotion to increase Internet speed
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I have  3 months left in my contract.  'fios' is offering a promotion to increase Internet speed.  I seriously like to (currently 15mps), but deathly afraid that trying out promotion may lock me in or extend my existing contract.  I habor a huge distrust because I've been trick and lied to by Fios once and do not intend to go there again.  The only alternate choice is to jump ship to Comcast, another horro show.   My plan is to move over to a non-contract internet service only.  Why?  I am working a honeymoon job (retired) and may decide to pick up and move to another location in the next 18-24 months, and if I do, I expect to have the freedom to pick and choose my ISP if I move to another state whether the new location have  'Fios or not.  I know it's a dumb question, but you don't know unless you ask.  Will trying a promotion effect my existing contract?

Re: Promotion to increase Internet speed
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No way to tell.

My experience is that contracts are more closely tied to TV service, not Internet.

But you may have to start order to see what T&C you will receive.

Just make sure to read it closely.