Property Damage caused by Verizon

Hello. I am looking for assistance on filing a property damage claim against Verizon. I have had difficulties calling in for prior issues (low/drop lines from pole to pole) since I am not a Verizon customer and the agents over the phone always had difficulties locating my address.

On 4/30/2020, a storm came through and split a tree in half which took out a utility pole located on my property. Overnight, a crew came out and installed a new pole, and in the process tore siding off my home. There was no damage to my siding prior to the crew coming out. While they were doing work, they were loud enough to wake us up as they pulled electrical and other cables that were attached to the house and siding off. At the time, we did not want to go out to disturb them since we had thought it was the local electrical company and did not want to put ourselves in danger of live wires, and wanted to maintain proper social distancing.  We overheard them saying that they needed slack for the cables. The crew also did not leave any notes or notices that they were out to do work or they had damaged our property. It was not until the next morning that after speaking with a restoration team from my local electric company that I found out the pole was owned and installed by Verizon.

While I appreciate the Verizon crew replacing the pole, it was unprofessional of them to perform work without informing us, and damaging our property and leaving without taking responsibility. I had to pay out of pocket to get my siding repaired as my insulation was exposed.

Re: Property Damage caused by Verizon
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Hi fnchr126,

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