Property damage, over 1 month waiting and nobody at verizon cares!

Extremely dissapointed with the way VERIZON is handling their customer service, I has a technician to intall FIOS on my house  and during the process the technitian damaged the gutter on my roof. I called 3 time prior to them sending someone to my house to "inspect" the damage and take pictures, a technician  came in took pictures and said we had 2 choices either having someone fix the gutter and then sending the bill to VERIZON or him sending the pictures to his managers and then us waiting until they evaluate the claim and send someone at their own convenience to fix on our property.  We asked for names, ID #'s and phone numbers of someone we can contact at VERIZON as we decided to have the gutter fixed and then sending the bill since there was snow and rain coming (not counting the rain while waiting from them sending someone...) and we could not affor risking that water draining into our wall, technician never gave us any contact infor but reassured us that once we call VERIZON they will resolve this quickly and only allowed us to take a picture of his tablet were he sent an email to his supervisors/managers which he said will  be the ones evaluating our claim, we  trusted him and took his word...such fools!!!

We had the gutter fixed and have the bill to give to VERIZON but everytime we call the general customer service number we are given the run around, and different claim numbers, last week I called and was given a claim number and was told the managers/supervisors named above were going to cal in 24-48 has been a week and no call so I called today again and turns out a claim was never processed not entered so a claim was filed today apparently for the first time and I have to wait another 24-48 hours for a claim specialist to contact me (another week)....extremely disgusted and disspointed at the lack of professionalism and responsibility from VERIZON, I need to have the money we paid for repairing the damage VERIZON caused to our property not in another 6 months I need that taken care of now!!!

why do we have to beg or pay the price for your lack of professionalism??? Hopefully I can get an answer here....!!!!