Quantum Upgrade Mislead

I went to my local Verizon store in Staten Island, NY on 12/20/14 to pick up my husbands NEW cell phone. While I was there I asked if they had a FIOS representative on site and I was told yes. He came over asked me for my home phone# so he could look up my account. He advised me that he could save me $20.00 per month off my bill and upgrade me to the Quantum package. I said sure sounds like a good deal.On 12/26, I received an estimated of monthly charges for the new upgrade for $40.00 more than I currently paying. I went to the same Verizon store and spoke to Michael {edited for privacy}, Regional Manager, he said he was sorry and would cancel my order and get me upgraded internet for free as a courtesy and would call me back on 12/29 to confirm the cancellation. I didn't here from Michael on Monday, so I called him he said he would call me on Tuesday, 12/30 with the confirmation. He didn't call me on Tuesday, I called him, no answer so I left him a voicemail. No returned call, called him again on Friday, 1/2/15, no returned call. On 1/2/15, I called customer service and spoke to a young woman, I explained my story, she said the only thing she could do was cancel my order and send me a UPS label to return the equipment. On 1/4/15, I now have the Quantum TV channels and my contract has been renewed for another 2 years and after spending over 1 hours on LIVE CHAT with a Verizon rep. I can now send back the equipment but they can not restore my original contract date. I did not ask for any of this, it was offered to me under false pretenses and false information. The only thing I received out of all of this is lies and an additional 2 year contract.