Question related to email hacking

Almost two weeks ago I posted a question/concern related to my Verizon email account being hacked. It appears that since I changed my password, the hacker has not been able to access my account.

However my residual question was never answered:

Does Verizon have access to the IP addresses of any computers which may log into an account? In other words, it was another Verizon user (who also sometimes uses a Hughes Satellite connection as well as an iPhone to surf the internet) who did the hacking of my account.

Would that user's IP address be available to law enforcement in this case, or could it be accessible if a subpoena was issued to Verizon to release that information?

Doing so I suspect would make this an easier case to prove.

Thank you.

Re: Question related to email hacking
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In short... yes that info is available under certain circumstances.  It is provided/released to law enforcement and prosecutors only by directive of a court order and/or subpoena. That is a blanket statement and not indicative of the entire process. Please see your lawyer and/or the parties that you filed the complaint with for more specific details as it would pertain to your complaint.