Quote for 2yr contract not honored!!

I am very upset with Verizon and I am seeking to change my service to a different provider. When i called for my new 2yrs triple play price I was told that my new bill total would include a $10 discount. I had the rep do two different comparison for  the double and triple play. When I agreed on the triple play the 10 discount would not go back on the price. i was told that it would be corrected and i would receive 2 emails one with the 10 included and one with the 10 discount taken off. Go figure I never received second email and just thought I would receive it later. Then when i got my new bill sure enough it was not there and my bill is 21 dollars more than i was told it would be!!! I called customer service and long story short i was told there was nothing that could be done because the discount was no longer available. That is unexceptable! I was told they could see in the previous reps notes what happened. i called July 11 and July 18 the discount was attempted to be added???? Of course I don't have any proof but I told them i'm sure the call was recorded. All I got was that there is nothing that can be done. I was told exactly what my  bill would be for the new contract and it was not honored. I only chose to renew becuase of the price, i'm trying to save money not pay more!!