Racist terminology

I could not believe what just happened on a call for service today. While talking with a VERIZON technician, I asked him why my box-tops were two different sizes. He replied, "Oh, one is the MASTER and the other is the SLAVE"!!!!! When I told him that those terms were insensitive, he tried to defend the terminology as something that has been used for years. I told him that as an African American, that terminology is both offensive and inappropriate. I even went on to explain that even non-African Americans may be offended and uncomfortable with the terminology!! I further asked him if those boxes are actually labeled as such. He tried to insult my intelligence by giving me other items that have been referred in that manner. He also used several other terms that could also be used. (But, I guess it was his personal preference to use the offensive terms). He said he did not make up the terms, he is just repeating what everyone else calls it! I just can't tell you how disgusted I am with him!! While he wasn't necessarily smug in his responses, he was also not apologetic. Is it really possible that a grown man, who has been educated in any structured learning environment, not know that those terms are offensive?

Re: Racist terminology

Hi In2021,

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