Refund Credit Card

What's with these credit cards?  How about a check?  No, it's easier and cheaper for Verizon to furn over the credit to a card company.  Every try to get cash?  Have to pay a fee. 

Re: Refund Credit Card

What are you talking about?

do you mean the Verizon Card from Syncrony Bank? Or those prepaid cards that Verizon uses to get you to sign up?

there are no fees to use the Verizon Visa card outside of obtaining cash from an atm. However using a cash advance with any visa or MasterCard will result in a fee and a huge interest rate from the day you use it. That’s standard practice.

visa and MasterCard debit cards normally do not allow you to get cash from them just purchases remove from the amount.

I recommend you read your customer agreement on the Verizon Visa card and then you will know what you can expect on certain transactions.