Removal of equipment

I have been engaged for 3+ weeks, trying to get a 100 pair board removed.

Techs were dispatched.  They photographed it and said they would send the photos to their boss.  I called their boss a few days later and got the name of the person he had sent the matter.  I called him the next day and the day after. He did not return calls.

  I received a call from a woman looking for clarification. Job had gotten to her but she didn't understand what she needed to request.  She did not have the photos. She came to the house, saw the job,took more photos.  Called her back a few days later and she said she was sending the job to construction and they would call me. 

Awaited a week. No call. Called her back. She said construction accepted the job for a window ending 10/6, and I would get a call. Awaited another week. No call. 

Called customer service again and got all the same promises.  What I don't have is an appointment for the job or a contact number for construction.  The story I am given is that construction is not part of Verizon and no one has a phone number for them.  I find that hard to believe, but terrifying if true. 

Today is 10/2. Friday is 10/6.  I need to know when they are coming.

Or is construction just a black hole where you dump jobs you don't want to do?

Re: Removal of equipment
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Community Leader

This is mainly a peer to peer support forum.

Why do you need board removed?

If there are no longer any active ckts, any reason you can't take it down yourself?