Renaming Technical Support to Useless Support

How about giving your technical support agent some ability to actually fix problems?

Example?  A classic.

I am a Fios Phone & Internet customer. So I decide to add TV. Simple eh? Nope.

First my TV order freezes any changes to my account which I don't know at the time. It also has the interesting feature of resetting your online account back to basics e.g. resets personal web space to 10MG while still charging you the $10/month for the extra 500MB. Of course I don't know this until I go to update my website and can't because I am out of space. So I call VZ support and the guy tells me 1st "it's a billing question not technical" I tell him I am looking at my bill online and see that I am being charged for the 500mb. He can't change it on my word because he doesn't have access to the billing info. He refers the tkt to the PWS group and says it will be fixed in 24hrs. I call back 48 hrs later because it has not changed. This is the guy who tells me that by adding a service it resets my account aka I lose my PWS BUT if I just go in and add it again it will be fine in 24 hrs (see a pattern developing here?) So I call back in 48 hours because it has not changed. This guy tell sme that the pws change can't happen until thew pending TV prder is complete as it is stacked up behind it. My TV order goes in in 2 days and 24 hr after that it will be fixed. TV goes in 11/1/11. I login today and surprise! it's not changed. So I call support again. This time the guy says he has to transfer me to the Personal Web Space Support group at 800-446-8848. A series of clicks, music, and click s later I am in the Intuit support line. Hmmm. Maybe he transferred me to the wrong nbr. I dial 800-446-8848 and? You got it INTUIT support line.

I call VZ support back and the guy says my order is in the queue to be processed in wait for it 24 hrs and if I like he will have someone call me to confirm. So  I will login in Sunday night and see that it has not in fact changed. And will never hear from VZ.

So this is an idea forum.

My idea?

Verizon should consider formin it';s own country because they are as {word filter avoidance} as the federal Govt. At least then we wont be surprised by lack of service.

On the off chance a verizon droid reads this please forward it to Lowell McAdam.

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I am sorry to hear about your experience with Verizon. We do want to help and have sent you a private message to get more information.