Renewed contract is not what was promised

I am a loyal verizon customer for many years. I have 3 iPhone, TV, Internet and regular phone with Verizon and pay almost $300/month to Verizon.

I am not happy with my recent FIOS 3-in-1 contract renew. Back to February or March, I called Verizon to ask whether I could review my 3-in-1 FISO contract expiring in May at the same rate of $79 for anothr two years. If not,  I would think to switch to Comcast. I was told it's too early to renew it. So, I called in April again and asked same question. I was told "Yes". So, I renewed my contract. I was told I could even return my digital converter (since I don't watch TVs at all).  I got a confirmation email for my order. I briefly reviewed the email and saw $79/month and the total was very close to what I was paying at that time. I was stupid to focus on those numbers only.

I got the bill via email last month and I saw it's almost $50 dollar more than what I was paying. I called Verizon and I was told the discount of $40 for 3-in-1 FIOS plan was expired and it was stated in the email I previous got. I went back to check the email very carefully and I found it indeed was listed in the order of my renewed contract.

This is a phishing strategy. Why did Verizon tell me I could renew my contract at $79/month? Why didn't the order simply list the price as $119/month for my new contract? Listed as $79/month but in other place stated your discount would be expired later! What is the point for me to renew a contract at a much higher rate? It's a shame for Verizon to fool a loyal a customer wich a phishing strategy. I want Verizon to give me the rate of $79 as promised when I renewed my contract and stop phishing strategy.