Rep Lied about Promotional Discount
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I was looking to try and renegotiate my services today and the chat re told me that I could get a discount through AARP. He said I needed to accept the deal he was offering and then I could go to the AARP web site and apply for the discount through them. As I was talking with him I signed into the AARP web site and spoke with one of their customer service reps who told me in no uncertain terms that they have no discount program with Verizon and made it clear that the Verizon rep was not being honest. I confronted the rep with this and he didn’t respond for a long while and never said that he was surprised by that. He just insisted that it was an option. What a shame that Verizon takes advantage of AARP members this way! I plan on canceling my FIOS service now. My rate jumped up $35. I can switch and pay half that. I thought if I spoke to someone there they could help me but instead I was lied to and then passed off to a different sales person who also wouldn’t admit the AARP discount wasn’t an option. Shame on you Verizon!

Re: Rep Lied about Promotional Discount

This is common when you call in or chat. They are trying to make a sale.

i like to look up my information prior to getting or renewing services.

glad you called in to AARP before taking a new service commitment