Requesting Lowest Cost

Yesterday (3/9/20) I played Verizon merry go round.  My last bill was $450.

I chatted with a rep for almost an hour.  She had my records pulled up.

We went to basic services.  She quoted $222.  Ok done!  Except my last bill was for two months which she must have noted.  But I’m a knucklehead and didn’t.

Later I realized what had happened.

I contacted FiOS and reworked the bill to replicate the old service only to find I was $50 more than when this started.

i had made it clear during the original call that I needed to reduce expenses.  Only to find I had a basic plan for the same price.

Typical Verizon shell game.  Very unhappy with the first agent.  Now looking at other Internet only providers and cutting the cable,