Require Verizon Management contact information: Long-lasting Collections issue

I'm looking for somebody to contact regarding a long-time pre-existing issue I've been dealing with pertaining to an old Verizon bill that has been long since sent to Collections, and has yet to be resolved.


Approximately 5 years ago, I began my first contract with Verizon Wireless and Verizon Residential, establishing Fios TV/Internet in my appartment.  After my 1-year lease was up, I purchased a new home and worked through Northern Virginia's Dominion Power to transfer my bills to my new home.  In the process, they informed me that they work with Verizon and would place the order to transfer my Verizon service to my new home as well.  

Once moved in, the Verizon transition to the new home went seemlessly.  I received my router, boxes, and they set up everything, which was great...until I received my first bill.  Apparently my service, which I asked and made very clear needs to be transferred, was not actually transferred.  Instead, Verizon began a new service and therefore I was being billed twice.  One for my old appartment, and one for my new home.  I promply called up Verizon, explaining the issue.  When on the phone with them, the representitive was helpful and told me he went ahead and took care of the issue, and that the old service would now be cancelled and the 1-month's charge for my appartment would be voided out due to the mistake.  All was good, until months and months that went by, when I received a letter from a collections agency looking for their $100.  Low and behold, the Verizon representitive did not void the bill, like he assured me was done.  I have since been in countless telephone conversations with representitives, all whom which tell me nothing can be done now that the amount is with a collections agency.  This has caused me a great deal with grief, even going as far as getting me denied very small vehicle loans due to the $100 that the Collections agencies are chasing me for.

Due to this being an ongoing problem for years now, I am at the point where I will gladly pay the $100, however I have been trying to get somebody from Verizon to tell me that they will make this Collections record disappear off of my records.  I have been a member of Verizon wireless and Fios services for well over 5 years now, and have paid thousands of dollars all promptly without late payments, and have spent hours and hours trying to explain that the reason I have not paid this bill is because it must come off my credit report first, as it never should have been on there to begin with had Verizon not dropped the ball.  It is not right for me to pay for that mistake, and therefore I have come to posting on the public forums in hopes to resolve this issue.  

Thank you and Regards,

-Ryan P

Re: Require Verizon Management contact information: Long-lasting Collections issue
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As this is a peer to peer support forum, you will need to contact Verizon directly for assistance. We have sent you a private message with contact information for a dedicated specialist who is able to help resolve your issue.