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Residents Beware
Enthusiast - Level 1

I recently had a gentleman from Verizon come to install my Internet and Phone service, this was surprising to me being that the CSR on the phone  stated that I would receive a box in the mail to install it myself, but here he was in all his verizon attire including the truck. Any way this person came to my home and installed the system and  after being in my place for approx. one and a half  to two hours, he then exited my home to sit in his truck and to what I though was to finish up  his paperwork and move on: absolutely not. This person sat in front of my home for thirty more minutes and to my surprise was stimulating himself (M). My neighbor came out, the cops were called and he hurried away before the officers arrived. I spoke with a Verizon Supervisor who took my statement and the Officers information and stated she would follow up which she has not done. I have not heard anything from Verizon as of yet. It's like they just ignored me. I've had to change my whole way of doing things, my husband had to change his schedule, my children won't leave me alone and I've increased my security. Mentally, this has effected me more than I first realized. I was informed by a higher official that if I post this I should omit the persons name for now, but I can describe him:  he's about 6'2 white male aprox.32-35 balding in the top clean cut. I wanted to informed people of this person especially the ladies. Ladies please be careful who you allow in your home especially if your home alone. I'm still searching to see if anything is missing and probably always will, also and I'm very uncomfortable with my telephone. I feel as though I was violated. Believe me  if someone have to come into  my home again, I will have my husband with me at all times.