Reward card still missing


I signed up for service when  I moved to Florida in March and was installed by the 31st.  When I signed up, I elected to take the $300 promotional visa gift card.  I recieved a postcard in the mail shortly after saying that my reward would start processing after 60 days and i would recieve it within 90 days.  I then rrecieved an email on 6/27/15 saying that my reward was being processed and would recieve it within 30 days.  I also recieved a login and pin to check the status, which regrettably says "invalid" whenever i try to log in with it.  I called last week and asked if my reward would arrive within the 90 day time fram specified and was told the award was shipped and I would recieve it within 10 to 15 days.  Well, I called again today and the gentleman Isaac told me that the reward had just started processing and I should expect it the 1st week of August.  Well, thats a full month later than when i was told i would recieve it.  He also said that the rewards website has been plagued with technical diffuculties and that is probably why I cant log in.    I would just like to know whats going on with the promotion I signed up for.  I've gotten 2 completely different stories each time I called and I still havent recieved the reward a signed up for according to your agreement, verizon.  Has anyone found any luck in recieving there visa reward  cardnor found a straight answer????