Rude technical support representative

I called the technical support representative at around 10:32 on 09/13/2014 and i was being insulted. Instead of the individual helping me to troubleshoot my problem, he suggested that i discontinued my services. It is very terrible that some of these individuals feel that they are doing you a favor for a service that you pay for. This is bad customer service. As a faithful, bill paying customer, i have a choice of going to other competitors but unfortunately i was still on contract

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Re: Rude technical support representative
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I don't believe every single thing I hear but I know I myself have had poor experiences like that before and not necessarily with Verizon either.  I admit that there is quite often a piece of someone's story posted here that isn't really a whole lot different from recent experiences I have had with other vendors that I do business with.

It's a different reality now-a-days.  The "customer" has been taken out of "customer service" for sure and in the end, it's all about the numbers and profits with some corporate greed thrown in too.  What about the long-term ramifications of all of this?  And now we are all dealing with corporate giants without too many other choices as alternatives.  I think it's very short sighted and it stinks.  The quality, in some way, suffers in the end when no investment is made for the good of the customer.

And what incentive is there really for remaining a loyal customer?  I could care less about being told a repeated script about how "oh we value your business and your time" blah blah blah...How many times have we all heard that?  I received a Verizon Rewards Card a couple of years back pre-loaded with cash which was nice but now if I want to have enough points worth redeeming for anything, I have to fork even more money for more services that I don't really need.  And how many pay per view movies can anyone realistically rent at one time?  I don't even care.

Verizon is a decent product but no customer deserves to be insulted and customers need to be treated like people.  And even though I'm not sensitive about a particular TV station being dropped, all these corporate giants operate on a single formula that isn't necessarily in sync with reality for all customers.  What is a potential loss of only a few hundred customers as opposed to a million or millions nationwide?  I think it's terrible.