Sabotaged by Verizon employees

Why is is every time I call Verizon about a problem I'm experiencing, I will have another Verizon service interrupted or discontinued and I will have to call yet again,  go through their system until I can speak to a representative who then says, "I don't know why this service was interrupted.  It will be on again in 4 hours"?!!  I suggest the previous employee is sabotaging the customer because they are unhappy in their job and don't want to deal with complaints.  When I call, I am cordial and not abusive, but this happens almost every single time I call Verizon.  It can't only be happening to me.  Anybody else?

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Sorry to hear about this. I assure you no Verizon employee would intentionally disrupt any of your services.

If you can be more specific as to the issue you're having, I can try and get you some help.

You can also post questions in the related board on the forums, and I'm sure someone can answer them for you.