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I'm pretty certain that this offer was a complete lie. After waiting well over 3 months and talking to multiple people about not having my code yet, I finally got a code on November 29th. I tried to use it some time in December and Samsung said it expired on November 30th. They couldn't do anything about it so I went to Verizon. After making multiple calls and being promised on multiple occasions that I'd be called back I finally got one person who actually called me back. This person told me I received one email back in August that had my code and they can't give me a new code. At this point I had given up since I checked for the code through the app and website back then and it was never there and I was explicitly told in another call I only got my code on November 29th and the app and website explicitly state that the code is supposed to expire on March 3, 2019. On top of this, this customer service rep clearly told me I only received one email about this code, when now that my code is expired, I am given the code on the app, website, and through multiple emails that are still getting sent to me now, so why was there supposedly only a single email to notify me before? I find it very hard to believe that I even got an email as I checked my email daily and the app didn't give me a code. Clearly Verizon never had any intention to uphold it's offer of a $200 credit or free Chromebook from Samsung.

Edit: I also forgot to mention. If the email I supposedly got back in August was anything like the email I'm getting now, then the email would've been pointless as it sends me to my Verizon webpage and from there I need to click "redeem offer" which wasn't available for me.

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Hi User203,

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