Security deposit
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I was told I needed to pay a $400 security deposit for 5g home internet.  I ended up having to cancel my service because the 5g wasn't available in my area. I work from home and it was dropping my calls so bad it messed up my adherence at work. I've turned in my equipment received confirmation from Verizon that it's been received and no additional charges will be charged.  With the $400 I paid my last bill. And I'm still waiting for the remaining balance 321.84 I've been on the phone with multiple reps and supervisor just to be told 3-5 days I will receive my security deposit back on my card on file or I will be holding just to be hung up on. I've even received an email from a rep stating that my refund is on process and will receive it in 12 days. Still waiting no security deposit received. To make matters worse when I got the service they had an offer to pick Xbox or $200 gift card to home depot. Which I requested the gift card way before having to cancel my service and still haven't received that either. I don't know what to do.  I'm thinking of going to a Verizon store for help. I'm sick and tired of spending my days on the phone getting transferred to different reps who don't know what they're doing they just keep opening up investigation tickets and telling 3-5 days. And telling me they will follow up and not one rep or sup did. This can't be right. Make this right Verizon I've had nothing but a bad experience with them. I  need that money back. I did my part now you do yours Verizon.  #securitydeposit #refund #badcustomerservice 

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