Service disconnected by tech

On July 5 ,I lost Fios service at my home.  After router and power resets, the call center scheduled an appointment for 5pm July 6.  An unused bridle path behind my house is the easement for power, phone and cable.  Verizon has many down fiber lines and many fiber coils scattered through the right of way.   On getting to the pole with my tech, Benjiman Jones, it was obvious that there was recent repair activity with two new coils of fiber connected but laying in the ROW.  

After matching serial numbers on my fiber, it was obvious that the prior tech just disconnected my service without checking whether it was live or if an outage was signaled.  Mr. Jones reconnected it and helped to clean up some of the mess left by others, but there are still several lines that run along the ground and are subject to animal damage.  

This example is a case study demanding a QA solution.  If other techs had done their job properly, my service call was not necessary.  Assuming this happens many times a day over the Verizon network, a process that prohibits or disincentivizes poor tech behavior could save millions of dollars.   Get corporate (maybe Joe Russo) to create a challenge to techs for the best solution for the problem.  Offer 25 percent of first-year savings.

I'd like this note elevated to also recognize the service provided by Benjiman Jones.  He knew this wasn't going to be an easy service call, was quick to recognize the problem created by others, and took the extra time to sort out some of the mess in the ROW. 


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