Service is great, until it doesn't work!!

I've had three different service providers - and all three are fine services.  My TV does what it's supposed to, the internet is fast, and works fine, and the phone is a phone.  My problem with these companies is their customer service.  First it takes 7 minutes to run through the automated junk before you can even get to a possibility of a person.  Then not once but twice the automated menu hangs up on me.  What is with that? So far we're at 21 minutes and I haven't even started on the problem. Unfortunately when I finally get to a person I am so full of annoyance and rage I demand things that are normally unrealistic.  Finally after 1 hour and 32 minutes on hold, I get to a person who sets up the appointment I need.  Don't think I'll hold my breath, pretty sure he just yes'd me to death.  But then he tells me to call back for the refund request for the days without service.  Oh yeah, sure, I'll just call back when I have another 2 hours to spare and wait.  Why is my time so unimportant to them?  All this was after we went through days of calls, repair ticket open, repair ticket closed - problem not solved.  I mean really, what is this company trying to do?  Their service, when it works is great.  I have no complaints.  But when it breaks, your down for days.  This is unacceptable to me.  Maybe I'm alone, but when your phone is dead you shouldn't have to wait a week and a half for them to come in for 5 minutes and replace the battery.  (That was a separate issue.) 

I'm wondering if anyone has had any success writing a formal complaint.  I'd like to give Verizon a chance to respond, make their customer happy before I head to the BBB (I know that won't do very much, but it'll make me feel better)  and ultimately leave.  I know the customer service at the other GIANT isn't much better, but at least it'll be different. 

My biggest complaint is they hold us hostage.  We sign up for their services, then they make us lock in for so many years, make us jump through hoops and waste our time when there is a problem, and then they don't even fix it.  Really how is this company still in business?  Why do we as consumers put up with it?

Anyway, sorry to post this here, but since Verizon doesn't have a direct email to a customer service department, I'm stuck with sharing my pain to fellow verizon customers.

Re: Service is great, until it doesn't work!!
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Customer service is a common complaint even with other providers.

We as users are partially to blame as we keep pushing for things to get cheaper.

You can also use chat and twitter @verizonsupport for issues.

Not always faster, but you aren't sitting around on hold waiting.