Shared cloud

I have Verizon home 5G and was promised as part of signing up I would also receive cloud service included that I could share with another account. But I'm not able to share my 5G account  with my cell phone.  I've reached out to customer service, executive customer service and I'm told that they're working on it. I receive emails from the IT department asking for a response but when I respond they do not get back to me. My last response from  Executive customer service was that I'd get a credit for the inconvenience on my next bill (which I received).  Is anyone else experiencing this same issue?  

Re: Shared cloud
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I am having the same issue.  This is beyond frustrating.  Tech support assured me I could access it using my same email address but it keeps pulling up my main cell phone account and there is no way to switch over to the one linked to the 5g home internet line.