Smart Rewards - Link between Fios and Wireless

When we signed up for fios I was told we could now link our verizon wireless rewards to our fios rewards (instead of having different reward systems).  They told me I wouldn't have to link the accounts to be on combined bill.  Does anyone know how to do this?  I didn't enroll in new rewards when we got our fios because I wanted to link the two rewards together.  Has anyone done this?

Re: Smart Rewards - Link between Fios and Wireless
Community Leader
Community Leader

Haven't heard that before.

I would doubt they would allow them to be linked (my opinion).

I earn points way faster on wireless than I do with FIOS.

I can use FIOS rewards to purchase VOD for example.

I wouldn't think they would allow me to use my 200K Wireless points to do that.