So Tired of Verizon Billing
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The next time verizon over-bills me and I have to call in to get an account credit, I'm canceling my services and never looking back. Every couple of months I have to call in because they billed me for some **bleep** they shouldn't have. Who has time for that?

This last time was $50 for the fios backup battery that was supposed to be free (because I'm within 1 year of installation). I even caught it and called in 3 weeks before my bill was came up. I told them they did not have authorization to charge my card for the battery and they assured me I wouldn't be. You can guess what happened next. 

It's like they constantly try their customers hoping we don't catch their mistakes. I'm soooooooo frustrated with it. The bad part is, I love their service, but the HORRIBLE customer support and over-billing is too much. I seriously can't take it anymore. I've referred so many friends to verizon and will never do so again. I've already started pricing other service providers in my area. The next time, I'm gone and will shout what happened from the internet rooftops. 

This is the 3rd or 4th time they've done this to me. If it happens again, I will be filing complaints with the BBB, their state Attorney General, my state Attorney General, the FTC, as well a any other consumer affairs departments within their, and my, home state. I will bring as much light to the problem as possible and encourage others to do the same because I'm pretty sure it's illegal and if there's a pattern of over-billing, they will have some major issues to deal with. 

What's even more frustrating is they don't even try to remedy the situation. At least Comcast offers a $20 bill credit when they mess up. Verizon = nada, they don't even refund the over charged amount to your card. They just hold it as a credit for you next bill. What a joke. It's sad such good service is overshadowed by terible customer support systems. 

Re: So Tired of Verizon Billing
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I've chalked it up as a cost of using their service.  After getting tired of their overbilling, I followed through on my threat to terminate the service a while back, and I spent two years with Cablevision.  After the daily bombardment of "limited" Fios deals, I took the bait and came back in January.  Their quote for my monthly bill, including taxes and fees, was $122.  Now, four months later, the bill has magically crept up to $225.  Now I have to call them to fight about it, and I will spend how many hours trying to keep them from picking my pocket?  Maybe I'll pay the termination fee and go with one of the satellites because it's just insulting to have to keep watching them month after month to keep from getting ripped off.