Step by Step Install of Verizon Cloud Unlimited with Prior Verizon Cloud Installed Win 10
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Win 10 OS customer.

Here is my dilemma:

  1. I was a Verizon Security, Support and Storage Bundle 75GB customer with a Verizon Cloud program
  2. I have been upgraded to Verizon Cloud Unlimited
  3. When I try to install the new Verizon Cloud application, I get the following error message:

"A version of Verizon Cloud is already on this device. Please click OK to exit setup, then uninstall the existing version of Verizon Cloud before trying again. Depending on your level of service, installing the latest version may result in losing the ability to backup this device"

  1. I am hoping someone can walk me through, step-by-step how to properly 
  2. Uninstall the old Verizon Cloud program v17.31.34 (is it as easy as going to Control Panel/Uninstall and right-clicking on the old program?)
    1. Do I lose the data on the old Verizon drive when it is uninstalled?
  3. Properly installing the new Verizon Cloud Unlimited app

How to use the new Verizon Cloud Unlimited once installed on my Windows 10 PC.

Thanks for reading. Your help is appreciated.