Sticking it to the elderly
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I hold weekly sessions at an Aging-in-Place community where I help seniors understand how to use their iPhones.

A new attendee showed up last week, a women in her late 70s, with an iPhone she purchased from Verizon.

The Verizon associate sold her a case for her iPhone which first of all was ridiculously expensive ($100), but worse still, this woman has MS and the volume buttons on this case are so hard to press that she does not have the strength to do so.  I am fit, go to the gym just about daily, and even I have to push extremely hard to activate those volume buttons.  Adding insult to injury, when they applied the screen protector, they did such a poor job that there are so many bubbles under the protector that it looks more like Saran wrap than it does a screen protector

Verizon should be ashamed of themselves for foisting an expensive case on this woman.

What would folks recommend I do to help her set this right?

Many thanks.

Re: Sticking it to the elderly

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