Straight to Voicemail

My iPhone X kept going straight to voicemail. I spent hours searching help websites and then 2.5 hours on the phone with verizon tech support only to have my phone reset and unable to access certain apps. Was told “sorry but have a Merry Christmas!” After my brief breakdown I went to a local verizon store and spent another 2.5 hours trying to get a fix. I ended up having to purchase a new phone, on the advice of the worker helping me, and guess what...the issue was still happening. So $500 out of pocket and still having the issue. As I have now spent too much money, over 5 hours with verizon customer service and numerous days searching articles, I saw an article regarding the Apple Watch and phone connection. Finally, I figured out my watch was sent to silent and it was sending my phone direct to voicemail. So please do yourself a favor and if you are having an issue, please check your Apple Watch.

I have been a customer of Verizon’s for years and have never felt so defeated by this company. Not only did I spend money on a new phone I didn’t need, but the amount of time wasted for an issue that no one was able to help was discouraging. To add salt to my wounds, I wasn’t offered any trade in value for my phone since it was “having network issues” and of course as an existing customer didn’t qualify for the buy one phone get phone deals. When is Verizon going to put the customer first? I have been a good customer for years and never needed help until the past few days. And of course got screwed over the first time I needed help. 

From a customer who has been loyal for years...shame on you Verizon! While the workers were as nice as they could be during this stressful holiday season, shame on you for screwing over your customer yet again. 

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