Stream TV Gen 2 bug reporting

Is there a place to report bugs in the Gen 2 stream tv?

I have the Gen 1 device and I connect a Nintendo Switch Pro controller to it to play games. I recently bought the Gen 2 for the hardware upgrades, but I've found that my controller is not mapped correctly on this device. This is a known Android TV problem and has been fixed (see here: Though the Gen 1 device has received the update, the Gen 2 has not. It should be a simple fix (just need to update the Vendor_057e_Product_2009 keylayout file) but I don't know how to report the problem. I tried reporting it on the device, but the Verizon reps just tell me to reset my device.

The pics below show the corrected keylayout file from the Gen 1 device.


The pics below show the outdated keylayout file from the Gen 2 device.