Superior Customer Service Commendations
Enthusiast - Level 1

Greetings: I wanted to take the time this afternoon to both thanks and commend {edited for privacy}) for her stellar customer service this afternoon. Just to set the stage, I left work early today and arrived at our summer house - and island in the middle of the St Lawrence River - to meet a technician for an appointment between 1pm and 5pm. This was to repair both the telephone and the internet connection, which both quit working 8 days ago. When I arrived at noon he had already been here, and had fixed the phone, but not the internet. When I called to ask him to return during the scheduled time they had already cancelled my ticket{edited for privacy}) and told me it would be another week before they could address the internet.

Understand that the tech had missed 2 scheduled appointment the prior week, leaving us sitting around the house the entire weekend waiting. So needless to say this was extremely frustrating. But the ensuing telephone calls were even more frustrating. I didn't really need a tech for the internet. I had the modem, it was working, and I know how to connect and trouble-shoot such things. I simply needed the DSL restarted. I tried to explain the situation to several people between 1pm and 3 pm. I made five separate phone calls and spoke to 7 separate people. Remaining calm but persistent throughout, I was placed on a 30 minute hold, hung up on, transferred to various departments, and told the same thing from the few people who actually read my record. No one would break protocol and simply listen to my very simple problem. No one, that is, until I reached Marjorie.

Marjorie patiently listened to the situation, asked some logical questions, and concluded that there was no reason this couldn't be fixed before the end of the day. She called me back within 30 minutes just as she said she would, and walked me through reinitiating my internet connection. Within one hour of my first conversation with Marjorie, we were back up and running. Marjorie is a thoughtful, patient, resourceful and logical manager who understands that it is the customers that pay Verizon's bills. I suspect she also has a keen sense for the frustration that builds on the other end of the telephone when problems - especially simple, solvable problems - remain unresolved for so long. Verizon is fortunate to have Marjorie working on its behalf, and I was fortunate to be directed to her this afternoon.

Again, I want to extend my deepest thanks and congratulations to Marjorie for digging in and problem-solving. In Marjorie, you have a wonderful asset.