Support for Auto Pay is the worst

I needed to change bank accounts for auto-pay. I've done this over the past month with 20 other companies without issue. When I tried with Verizon online the system would not allow me to make the change. After 2 scheduled phone call with Verizon they were not able to complete the transaction within their own system as the system would not accept my on line agreement or a verbal one which was activated by the Verizon representative. My third scheduled call (tried three times) was never called back by Verizon. A day later I received an e-mail telling me that my auto pay has been cancelled and I need to make payments on my own. I went on line to Verizon and tried to sign up for auto pay and lo and behold my new account was listed. I clicked on the agreement and auto pay was accepted using the new bank account. If Verizon had let me do that online in the first place many hours of both Verizon customer service and myself could have been saved. If I had an alternative to Fios I would switch in a minute. Instead, my Verizon mobile phone, which I've had for over 20 years, is up for a new phone. I'll be going to T-Mobile.