Support is a joke!!!!!!!!!

On wed.3/30/2021 I ordered a cable card.  A package arrived today, 4/3/2021.  It was a router!  I didn't order a router.  I ordered a cable card.  I called support and resolve this issue over the phone.  They were not helpful what so ever.  I explain the situation and he said I would have to speak to billing.  I went onto chat since it would be easier for me.  Boy what I wrong.  for 4 hours I kept being bounced between billing and tech support.  I started to become extremely angry.  I have a heart condition and in a span of 1 hour had to take 2 nitro pills.  I called support once again after 30 minutes of me calming down and my anger came right back when I talked to the rep.  He told me I would need to speak to billing.  He gets me over there and they say I need to speak to tech support.  Queue taking another nitro pill.  Last tech I spoke to I mentioned that I am really thinking about canceling my service if this is the level of customer service I am getting.  I had time warner before and I thought they were bad, Verizon beats them hands down.  The rep hung up.  I call back to speak to another rep.  I wanted to see if they can set up a dispatch to have a tech hand be a cable card on Monday.  Earliest they had was Friday.   For the next few weeks I will be working and wont be home, not all of us has the luxury of working from home.   He told me take it or leave it.  He refused to see if they can get a tech out for Monday.  I have a heart monitor that transmits data to my doctor over the internet.  I am tempted to turn off my ONT and call saying my service is out to get  a next day emergency dispatch and have the tech hand me a cable card.  I think Monday I will do some window shopping for other providers in the area.  Thanks for wasting my time on Easter verizon!

Re: Support is a joke!!!!!!!!!
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