Technician Never Showed Up Today

New Order, 8-9 am time slot, confirmed via email.  Never showed, no call.  Endless wait times, contacted Verizon via chat.  On chat for an hour, transferred to new chat.  Promised tech was ON HIS WAY 10 am.  Be there in 1/2 hour!  Never showed!  Contacted call center.  Put on hold - need to speak with dispatch.  Dropped call! Finally spoke with a rep 11am - order "stuck" whatever that means. Contacted dispatch - someone supposed to come out today between 1-5.  Who knows at his point?! What a Company!  Thank God we didnt commit to a 2 year plan!!

No way to check if actually coming, no explanation for why we waited 4 hours, etc., no explanation, endless wait times. 

You can bet . if we were late for a payment Verizon wouldnt be sympathetic!

What a joke.  Altice here we come