Terrible customer service

I just got off the phone with customer service and I am totally disgusted.  I called to inquire about repricing my package and downgrading to only internet and phone and dropping the TV service.  The representative gave me a price that was much higher than what I was able to bundle online.  When I questioned him the answer I got was the prices on the internet are lower than what a representative gives you and what you see is what you get.  I am baffled that a representative would speak to a customer this way.  Is this truly the answer?  I didn't think it was so I kept questioning why on earth they would do something like this.  If they truly gave different prices online than they do over the phone they are robbing people of their money.  He then proceeded to say the prices online are for new customers only which he failed to mention at first.  Instead of telling me this he was rude and just wanted to make some sort of sale.  When I asked to speak to a supervisor I was told he was way too busy and couldn't get on the phone.  This is no way for a customer to be treated.  I told the representative thank you for giving the wrong information and not helping me at all rather than waiting to complain to a supervisor.  Anyone else have this issue?

Re: Terrible customer service

The pricing scheme is no one price is correct with Verizon.

the prices can be higher or lower depending on what state you reside in, online or on phone sales or even via chat. There is no set prices on anything.

Pricing for new customers is normally lower (cable does the same thing) however since Verizon using no regulated across the board pricing can charge what they please and we as consumers can take the service or go elsewhere for what we need.

their phone and online support are geared towards sales. So now you must consider your options as to just what your willing to live with.

choose carefully.