Terrible service

We have been experiencing a service outage since last Friday (it's now Tuesday 5:49pm). We have been given the run around ever since we reported the outage with no end in sight. Every time we call to find out why the service has not been restored as previously announced, we get something like , "i checked your ticket and now your service should be restored by 5:00am tomorrow" and it goes on and on same answer but with different time, 1pm, 9pm and then back to 5am. No one knows or want to tell us. I happen to depend on the internet to get my work done and they can't tell me when the service will be restored. They are incompetent, have no respect for their customers whatsoever. I understand that systems malfunction, cable breaks and it may take time to fix these things but at least tell us what it is. I am an adult i can take bad news and plan accordingly as long as i know what to expect. These large companies do not care and should be broken up. I am going to start looking at my options and seriously consider changing provider.  I am going to answer the question they always ask, would you recommend us to a friend? The answer is NO. Your service is terrible, your channel packages are ridiculous and you are way overpriced.