Texting not working

I have a home in West Virginia, I had wiFi installed 5 weeks ago and have been able to text - send and receive until Friday, Aug 7 at 834 when it all stopped. Three (3) iPhones phones stopped working, we tried at our friends house 100 yards away - noting.

Has Verizon reduced their site to have this happen? Did one of their host companies drop their service? Over 3 hours on the phone in two days without this being resolved or having an answer.

They suggest I drive to Winchester, Va get established on Verizon, drive back to my home and try the mess again.

Anybody else in the wide area of Romney/Points/Slanesville arae have his issue?

Re: Texting not working
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Community Leader

You seem to be talking Verizon Wireless, i.e texting.  This is Verizon Residential products and PEER TO PEER as well. 

In general the wireless forums are over at https://community.verizonwireless.com/welcome/

I am not familiar with a WIfi offering that might allow texting over it, except that Verizon MESSAGES+ service supports texting to be seen and sent on some devices such as PC'.s