The worst customer service I have experienced (and I have had xfinity and time warner)

I've been a long time Verizon customer and I will never recommend this company to anyone. Three days ago I placed an order with Verizon to expand my internet service and add television. The rep incorrectly assigned the order to my previous address. When I spoke with another rep to correct this she told me that she could not move the order since it was pending so I would have to call back once the order was in effect. Doesn't make alot of sense but alright, what's a little annoyance to make sure my service is properly set up right? wrong. I get a call from another Verizon rep the next day cancelling my order and assuring me that they have placed a new order at the same rate for my new address. The instal will be gratis and will happen the next week. The instal will take some time but okay, sure, a bit inconvenient but I can manage a few days without tv or internet service. She sends me the confirmation, instal fee is waived but the plan now costs over $35 more a month. What is going on? I call again and explain the situation to a rep. She tells me the plan is no longer available. How can this be? I just placed the order less than 24 hours ago?! She talks to her supervisor and they set me up with a similar plan and credit my account the difference in cost between the original plan and the new one. She says she will call back and send me a plan confirmation around 6. She does not call back, no confirm comes. I am left in limbo. I call today and speak with a guy who takes a look at my account and tells me there is no credit but they waived the instal fee. And the price? back up to over $35/ mo from the original. The rep from the day before didn't make a note on my account,  new rep has no idea what's going on. By this point we are on hour 9 of Verizon customer service hell. At this point I'm fed up, I cancel whatever fugazi plan is on my account. I get a text message from Verizon about an hour later confirming my instal appointment for next week. This is now a delicious lasagna of human and system error. I use Verizon's online chat feature because I am sick by now of being put on hold. Verizon chat bot/person confirms cancellation asks if she can look to see what can be done. Sure, try you brave little toaster! She quotes me the plans on the website. Now I am livid. I give the confirmation number from the original order. She will not honor that price, they no longer offer the plan, now less than 48 hours from when I placed the order. You won't honor the order price? Comparable company's have similar service in my area for much less, I've spent over 9 hours now with your customer service. She offers me $5 off a month and a $50 gift card. We are talking a price difference of $480 per annum now that she's attempting to rectify with a gift card and a minor discount. I ask her to confirm with her supervisor that they will not honor my order price. She does, and I confirm my cancellation. I've had crappy internet service providers in the past and I have experienced nothing like this. What kind of company doesn't honor their order confirmations? I've spent over a full business day troubleshooting the incompetence of Verizon and when you get down to it their offer of reconciliation was a gift card and a $5 discount that would have left me with $480 less in my pocket per year. This company has no integrity.

Re: The worst customer service I have experienced (and I have had xfinity and time warner)

Hi agood,

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