These gift cards!
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I have "out-waited" them on the phone which took over an hour, happy for speaker phone! After waiting an hour to get them to answer, their answer is the cards (2each $100 cards, 1 VISA, 1 Verizon) will be sent in 2-3 days and I should have them in a week after that. 

Now a month later, no cards. I try their chat. BTW, that is just some Verizon speak for "We don't have any answers but I am going to see how high I can get your blood pressure!" They of course can't help me with the rewards program, I need to call the "Never Ending Hold" line. I haven't got the patience or the bandwidth for that crap again!

I come here to see if anybody else is having the same problem and "How About THAT!!!" Lots of people are.

What is Verizon doing about it? Sending a message that it has been escalated. If that is like any other escalated item in the Verizon world, it will only be another 20-30 YEARS before I die and then there will be NOBODY concerned about the problem! Look at the answers, after escalating did ANYBODY say anything about getting their cards, NO. Is there anything about anybody getting any joy from them "escalating" the problem, No again!

Do I think there will be any joy or solution to them escalating THIS comment, NO AGAIN!!! I will be extremely surprised and will return with happy fingers and praise if something happens but I don't really foresee me having to eat these words because they fixed the cards!!!

Lets see.

VERIZON, the ball is in your court. Are you just going to smack it around or are you going to do something with it???

Re: These gift cards!
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Hi @PapawolfF4G

Your issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent. Please check your Private Messenger Inbox for a message from a Verizon Support agent. You can find your Inbox by clicking on your username at the top right corner of this page and then clicking the envelope icon that appears at the top of the menu. Please direct all correspondence concerning your issue to the agents who will be assisting you privately.

Visa cards and how they treat customers!
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This post contains summaries of conversations and not quoted comments for privacy reasons, no personal information or names are in this post. You will see why I say that if you read to the end!

I posted a post about not getting the cards that I am supposed to already gotten in the mail. I had problems getting their page to open, so I used a different browser that I do not trust because of security issues. After going through everything there I am told the cards will be mailed in 2-3 days.
I then went to Sturgis for Bike Week and expected the cards to be here when I got back. Stupid me!

I call their magic "REWARDS" number and due to me being retired I was able to stay there until they answered the phone, well so I THOUGHT!!!

After an hour of doing things around the house while on hold waiting for someone to answer the phone, I went out and cut my grass. I did the edging and checked the phone. Face it, at this time I am thinking nobody is going to answer but I am going to wait them out! Nope, they had not answered the phone still.

So back outside to do the rest of the cutting. I mowed the yard, front, sides, and back, roughly another hour in just the cutting. Nope, still nobody has answered the call, I am still on hold. I have it on speaker phone and I am recording the call since I do this any time I talk with these big companies that will promise you the world and give you goose eggs! Anyway, I still have to clean the mower up and sweep the sidewalks. Outside I go again, I finish the yard, clean out my shed AND rake my mulch beds then come in to start making dinner for when my wife comes home. I wasn't surprised when I came in and found the phone still on hold, but I want to make sure that they didn't answer it and put me back on permanent hold since I wasn't there to answer. As I prep and cook dinner I have the recording playing back and I have the phone sitting there in case someone answers.

Who thinks when you call a customer service agent you should expect to spend SIX hours on hold and still not have an answer? When my wife came home the phone said it had been on the call for 6:15:XX! I hung  up defeated and content that nobody was EVER going to get anything CLOSE to Customer Service from this communications company!!!

Now back to the post!

I get a quick reply just like all the other problems here telling me to check my private messages.

What do I get there? I get told to call the number that they never answer regardless of the fact that I have already spend more than 6 1/4 HOURS there with no luck! The person tells me that he has no way of contacting the department, I have to call the number and talk to them. When I tell him about the previous call he just says that he is not allowed to call them. THIS IS A COMMUNICATIONS COMPANY AND THEY CAN NOT CALL SOMEONE "IN" THE COMPANY?!?!?!

Now, VERIZON. What are you going to do? One of your people replied that they were willing to help if I follow the steps above! Don't tell me to send you a message in twitter or Facebook, tell me how to contact you directly. Or better than that, tell me what time you are going to call me and you can even send that in my email since I know you have access to it because that is where I get notice of communications!

Please do NOT send me a message that is just going to have someone tell me to call that number! NOBODY answers that number!!! I can say that with 100% certainty! 

Also like I said before, I am retired!

That means I CAN post things every hour on the hour about how bad the customer service is and the recent reasons that you should not make the switch to Verizon. I can do that on your Facebook and twitter, I can do that on MY pages and I can post that on the Comcast and Cox Facebook pages and on their Twitter feeds, or you can get me the cards and treat me like a human! I think it is rather simple but lets see what happens from all this.

Now do you see why I didn't quote anybody or use copied comments?