They're so so sorry about all of those mistakes

I called on Sunday night because we couldn't get HBO channels on our bedroom box. In doing all of the things they suggested, the coxial plug fell apart and we were left with no tv at all upstairs. They said they would send somebody out Tuesday between 3 and 7, so I left work early, only to find out that their automated system had "fixed" our broken cable remotely. I called about this, and they were really, really sorry and told me they'd have somebody out the next day. Again I left work early, only to find out that "the next day" had changed into a week from today. Once again they were really sorry, but this time I started to lose my patience at the level of sheer ineptitude here. Now they will do us a special favor and have somebody out tomorrow. Can't wait to see how that goes. This is mind-bogglingly poor.