This not how you keep customers

This NOT how you keep loyal customers and this NOT how you get customers to add new services from you. I have been a Verizon customer for over 7 years - 2 under my own name and previously under my ex-husband's name.

0I live out in the country and my only option for internet has been HughesNet, which is big rip off, and after that I used hotspots. I got the flyer about Verizon's LTE/4G service. I was so excited I jumped on it and ordered it. The device arrived in 2 days just as promised. I tried setting it up several times (and I have over 30 years of network & internet experience) and was unable to get an internet connection. The next day I tried again and I moved it every window in my house on an elevated platform, I still could not get an internet connection. I thought that was weird since there is cell tower not far from me, practically across the street and my jetpacks and phone connect easily. All my devices could connect to the Verizon gateway though. And I could get in the gateway's admin screen. I decided I'd contact support the next day.

The next day I tried to connect the gateway a couple more times myself, but still could not make the connection. I have setup every type of network device there is in my time, but what to do with a device where I can only see a blinking white light. Not knowing where it should link to made the admin screen useless to me. I believed that support would probably be swamped on a weekend and decided to contact support on Monday. Monday August 9th, 2021, I contacted support via chat (for various reasons) and here is where it all went sideways.

I started a chat on August 9, 2021 at 12:12 pm. I was passed from Lauren to Salvatore G to Barbara none of them can help me. Barbara gives the the support number direct to Wireless support which is what they all keep saying I need. Well, the number she gave me is regular old customer support. The wait is 40 minutes long and that flat out tells me they can't help me all they can do is tell me ridiculous things like reboot or restart. They flat out tell me that! They commence to passing me from person to person who cannot help me until I get to Jeff. Who tries like hell for 2 solid hours to help me even though the help system has decision tree for this item, he doesn't know what it is and cannot even find my device after giving the number, the imei, the serial number and the sku number. Then we got disconnected and I like to pretend that the Verizon phone system dropped me and not that poor Jeff got tired of trying or that his supervisor said he's taking too long.

There is no way I can go through the phone system again. So, I start a new chat. I say I want to return the device and have it not appeared on my bill since I can't get support. The friendly rep tells me they are going to take ownership of this issue and ensure it gets taken care of. I'm not really in the mood but ok 1 person says they will OWN the problem. I should have known better and of course there are no names on this chat. The first thing she does it pass me off. But ok maybe this is the right place this time. IT IS NOT! This rep is also nameless and passes me off to Komol. He is unable to pull up the account for the phone number of the gateway. I ask what I'm supposed to do. The I ask for him to please just start the process for me to return the device. He says he's going to transfer me again. I texted "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO no no no just tell me how to return it", and the chat froze up completely. My computer didn't freeze, the Verizon site didn't freeze up, suspiciously just the chat froze.

I went back on chat and asked to return the device and not to tell me how they would make sure my issues were taken care of or they'll take ownership. Just the return label. Which I finally received 10:25 p.m.

Throughout all this I was lied to, passed off from person to person, and generally treated like garbage. I have recommended Verizon to everyone I know; you can bet I would be doing that any more. As my devices die off or the service degrades. I WILL NOT call or chat with support, I will just drop that device or service. Here's the stupidest part, I've not had a good internet service since I moved here over 2 years ago. If the 1st person on chat had said "that means it won't work in your location" due to the state of internet access here I would have said "bummer another possibility dead" and the chat would have been over. I would have wondered why since everything else connects and there is a cell very close to here, but I would have just assumed I was out of luck. Instead, I was traumatized by Verizon. I cannot explain how 7 hours in Verizon Support Hell was so awful. By traumatized I mean just that; by the end of the 2nd chat, I could not stop crying since no one would even tell me how to return the gateway.

I wanted to make this complaint earlier but every time I thought about what I went through, I just started crying. Verizon is the straw that broke the camel’s back. After 10 days of this crap with LastPass (who still has my passwords hostage) and 4 hours of the same with HP (who actually did what they were supposed to do eventually) and this Verizon fiasco. I cannot even make a call to a company without having a panic attack.

I have copies of the chats that I could copy and proof of the trauma.

So, have a day Verizon.

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