Total Mobile Protection is NOT worth it and some states (FL, NY etc) aren't covered!
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I have the Verizon Business account.  I used to pay around 50 a month for insurance on 4 phones.

When I called to replace some older iPhone SE's, the deductible was more than what the phone was even worth.  I was shocked.  I pretty much paid for insurance only to pay a deductible that would cost MORE than the phones VALUE!!  That is wrong of Verizon and Assurion.

The customer service representative was just as disappointed and helped me get 2 new iPhone 11's and they changed to a "Total Mobile Protection" coverage on the business account for only $49 a month.  I was told this covers EVERYTHING.  It covers extended warranty, lost/stolen, all of it.  So I got it and pay my 49 a month even after I was going to cancel my insurance because I was being ripped off due to the deductible amount anyways.  

I called to add another line to my account and told the rep how I am always on speaker phone since you can't hear anyone off of speaker phone.  The rep said since I have Total Mobile Protection I could just turn my phone in due to a manufacturers defect.  I told him my phone was over 2 years old, and he said thats why I pay for Total Mobile Protection though.... extended manufacturers warranty.

A couple days later and my phone was replaced.  I guess it was worth the $50 a month for all the years I've paid.

A month later I called to turn my iPhone 11's in due to manufacturers defect.  I have had the phones for 1 year and 4 months now.  I have been paying for insurance for 4 years to date.  1 phone the battery dies in less than an hour, the other phone the screen has image burn if you are watching a video or anything.  So since those are manufacturers defects I figured I would call and trade them in.

The Verizon customer service said they submitted the claim and I should get the phones replaced no problem.  2 weeks went by and NO PHONES.  I called and another rep said the phones did not process fully and was rejected.  ???  I asked why and they said the manufacturers warranty was only a year.  I said, But I PAY $49 a month for Extended warranty coverage.  He said a supervisor would call me within an hour.  NO CALL.

I called again, another rep did the same thing the first rep did, she submitted the claim.  I asked if it was truly submitted and covered and she said yes.  It was NOT.

I called a week later and spoke to another rep and asked  to speak to a supervisor, I was told a supervisor would call me within 30-60 minutes.  NO CALL

I called later that day and waited yet another hour and another rep got me to a supervisor after a full hour wait.

The supervisor wasted my time by trying to explain to me that extended warranty wasn't covered and I had to go through assurion and it would cost me a deductible for each.  I explained that the warranty was supposed to cover extended warranty through Verizon.  I already had other reps confirm this as they read the warranty information out loud.  I also explained that a month PRIOR I turned in my xs Max through Verizon, not assurion, and that it was zero cost to me.  He lied to me and said I had a 1 year manufacturers warranty and ALSO a special 12 extra months extended warranty through Verizon for ONLY that phone.  I THEN explained that was not true, because the phone was older than 2 years! The supervisor (Wilson was his name) made up some more lies and told me the number to assurion so I could call.  I said last time I ONLY called verizon and not asusrion and I tried to explain the xs Max I turned in a month prior was over 2.5 years old so he is not understanding that it was not some extended warranty "special" like he was trying to SHOVE down my throat. I asked for the terms and conditions on the verizon website and he would not direct me but instead told me to look up assurion and find it there.  He then rushed me off the phone by saying he would have verizon pay HALF of my deductible.  I asked how much the deductible would be and he had NO IDEA what it was and he did not have access to assurions database and couldn't tell me.  He told several other lies and I literally took notes through this entire conversation but I figured I wrote enough.

So 1 month of my time to cover 2 phones from manufacturers defects and over $2500.00 spent on Insurance, only to spend ANOTHER $460 dollars to get 2-$700 phones.  SO the math shows that I can either pay almost $3000 to get Total Mobile Protection and end up with a refurbished phone, or save my money and spend $1400 (or less if I look for certified new) for new iPhone 11's.  Also, when I went through the 33 page assurion terms and conditions that I found on the Verizon website that the supervisor would NOT provide me, FLORIDA is not covered under the Total Mobile Protection!!! So they sold me something that I technically can NOT use!!
This is wrong.  Greed is going to catch up to them.  The iPhone is covered under a year manufacturers warranty ANYWAY so why even BOTHER paying for the insurance?  If insurance was structured like it used to be it would work and be worth it and I assure you, Verizon AND Assurion would STILL make out like bandits!  

Cracked screens, 29 a pop

manufacturers defects should be between 50-100

Lost/Stolen  THAT should be the $200, 

But the Greedy companies want $230, No MATTER WHAT the problem is (besides cracked screens)

Re: Total Mobile Protection is NOT worth it and some states (FL, NY etc) aren't covered!
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Re: Total Mobile Protection is NOT worth it and some states (FL, NY etc) aren't covered!
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I have TRIED to post to the community, verizon just does a constant LOOP of sign ins and invalid logins.

It seems a business account can not just post to the community forum.  So then you try to create a community login and it doesn't allow you.

I created a login for the forums and that was the furthest it allowed me to go.

If you would like to share How To create a login to create a post I would sure like to know.

Logged into my business account and that doesn't allow you to do anything.

The forum seems to only allow you to post here.

So how in the world do you post to the community, how many log in ids does a person need?

Verizon likes to keep it complicated to deter people from knowing the truth, as displayed by my previous post that took out half of the content!