Treat Customers with Respect

As a Verizon Fios customer, I use my Verizon email address as my primary one and have it automatically forwarded to Microsoft Outlook and my Android. Since last night, the forwarding hasn't ocurred; instead I keep getting asked to log in on those two media and informed that my password has recently changed. In fact it hasn't as demonstrated by my logging onto this portion of the website using the same password. I was out of the office all day today and kept checking to no avial. I finally got to call VZ support a short while ago and after the usual too long wait, a helpful agent seemed totally baffled until, after quite a few interruptions to "investigate", she informed me that "because of system maintenance, the forwarding function was shut off last night and wouldn't be returned for three days." Although that seems surprisingly long to me, what really upsets me is that Verizon had so little consideration for its customers that it didn't bother to notify them that the shut off was coming.

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