Tree branches on Verizon wires (Not to home)
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There is a tree within the easement of my home (along large road) that has large branches laying and bending utility wires. I have called the power company and there powered lines are on the other side of the road. I called Verizon once and a home technician came out very confused thinking it was the service to my house (although I explicitly said this was NOT the case when putting in ticket). He said he'd update the ticket so "the crew that trims tree would remove the branch". That was a couple of months ago. A recent major wind storm has brought more branches down on the wire. I called a technician today 12/29/20 and was told that "Verizon doesn't trim trees and doesn't have anyone that does that work". I am in a bind here, tree companies won't touch the tree because it's laying on wires and Verizon says they don't do remove wires. This Verizon wire serves multiple communities and neighborhoods. How would Verizon handle this if a tree comes down and knocks out service to hundreds of people? It sounds as if Verizon only cares about the immediate, not the preventative approach...

Re: Tree branches on Verizon wires (Not to home)

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